Loveknit Marie Jumper

Loveknit Marie Jumper

35,00 kr
35,00 kr

The sweater is knitted top down, with raglan increases to shape the shoulders and sequences of garter stitch and stockinette stitch, in different colors, forming stripes.

The sweater has a bit of extra length and either long or short sleeves.

Gauge is 11 stitches = 10 cm.

The sweater is 100 (110) 116 (123) cm in circumference and will fit a chest size of about 70-95 (95-110 cm)110-120 cm (120-135 cm). The garter stitch sequences take up a bit more than the stockinette stitch, which will make the sweater slightly bigger than the given measurements.

Yarn consumption (approximate)

1 strand of brushed alpaca Fashion Light Luxury from Rico, together with 1 strand of Brigitte no. 3. Choose 5 different colors/shades and use 1 skein of each quality, in each color.

Brushed alpaca Fashion Light Luxury from Rico held double. Choose 5 different colors and mix the strands. You will need 2 skeins of each.

Or: Freestyle with leftovers of any thicker quality.You can use yarn leftovers that can be used for thick needles, possibly held double.

A variety of other qualities can also be used. Always make a swatch first.

You will need an 8 mm circular needle. Both a short 40 cm for the sleeves, and a 60 cm, plus an 80/100 cm for the body. For the ribbings you will need a 7 mm circular needle. Both a short 40 cm for the neckline and a longer one for the finishing ribbing on the body, and for the ribbing of the sleeves, if you are using Magic Loop technique. Otherwise you can use double pointed needles no. 7 mm for the ribbing of the sleeves.