Loveknit Lovely Blouse ENG

Loveknit Lovely Blouse ENG

35,00 kr
35,00 kr

The knitted blouse is an oversized style with 3/4 sleeves designed to give you a relaxed look. Its approx. 58 (62) 66 cm long. (Or as long as you prefer).
Chest width measures 132 (140) 148 cm. And will fit a chestsize approx. 70-95 (100-120 cm) 110-130 cm.

250 (300) 300 gr. Brushed alpaca Fashion Light Luxury from Rico.
300 (350) 350 gr. Brigitte no. 3 mohair from Lana Grossa
You are knitting with one strand of alpaca and one strand of mohair together.
250 (300) gr. Brigitte no. 3 with 3 strands (or 2 strands for a light blouse, then use 200 (250) gr.)
250 (300) 350 gr. kid silk mohair with 4 strands.

Sizes XS/S/M (L/XL) XXL

You are knitting the blouse top-down with raglan shoulders and 3/4 sleeves.
Knitting tension is 10 st. = 10 cm.
Its important to knit a small sample (stockinette stitch) to see if you have the 10 st. per 10 cm.

You will need circular needles 9 mm. Both a short 40 cm. for the sleeves, and one 60 cm or 80-100 cm. for the body. For the ribbed edges use circular needle 6 mm. Both a short 40 cm. for the ribbed edging round the neckline and a longer one for the cuff and for the hems if you like to knit with Magic Loop. Otherwise you can use double pointed needles 6 mm.
You will also need 8 stitch markers. And 2 stitch holders, or cotton yarn strands to put some stitches a side.